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Learn. Live. Love
We know that children begin learning from the moment they are born. The environment we create for infants lays the foundation for their development throughout life.

Our loving, responsive caregivers are highly trained and experienced.

At Kids-Play, we value many things, but above all our Infant Care Program is focused on:
     Respecting each infant’s individuality
     Initiation of experience to nurture each child’s growth and development
    Providing a clean, safe environment so infants can explore and learn
      Surroundings filled with interesting and stimulating materials to investigate.

A Typical Infant Schedule
     All infants are fed “on demand” and take naps as needed.
     Diapers are checked approximately every two hours and before naps and changed as needed.
      Activities are flexible and adjusted to meet the individual needs of each infant.
     Creative arts
     Individual discovery
     Sensory exploration
     Reading stories
     Language development activities and music
     Indoor and outdoor gross motor experiences take place on playgrounds and/or indoor gyms designed specifically for infants
     Written daily reports are provided each day for parents

Although each classroom has a general daily schedule, it should be noted that infants make their own schedules. Individual needs and developmental tasks in the areas of fine and gross motor, language and communication, cognitive, social-emotional, and self-help skills are the daily goals of our teachers.